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Earth: Its Moving Slow Than its Usual Speed

Earth: The earth is spinning faster than its usual speed Currently our earth is spinning faster than ever for the first time in the last 5 decades, the scientists discovered and it may lead to negative leap second added to this year. The rotation of the earth is affected by several factors which include a dynamic climate, flowing molten core and atmospheric pressure. It’s going to be 0.05 milliseconds shorter than 86400 seconds which constitutes to 24-hour period of a day said Graham Jones (astrophysicist and science communicator). While the last time the shortest recorded day by millisecond was in the year 1937. So if the earth continues to foster its spin wall clocks would need to skip a second in order to match the mass of the earth’s space. But in our practical daily live the millisec. have no importance but in astronomy computer networks and navigation the negative leaps second is most highly important to carry out the calculations and to avoid any errors. The scient
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Five Things That You Never Expect On Superfoods

Superfoods : Is it a Myth or Truth - lets bust it Nutritionally, there is nothing called superfood, so it’s a myth. People call some foods as superfoods because they are  known for their richness in nutrition , medicinal value. The word of mouth superfood was termed to increase the sales of various food products, fruits and vegetables. Lets have a look at top 5 superfoods: 1. Turmeric Turmeric has been the highly mentioned in ancient text and it was widely used at that time. ·         Its most active compound called curcumin has proven many health benefits - ·         It has the potential to prevent alzhamairs disease ·         Known to cure cancer ·         Its antioxidant is so strong that it prevents lungs from being getting damaged from toxins.   2. Black Pepper Its another great spice known for its fascinating medicinal values ·         Its prevents cancer ·         Cures mensurational pain ·         Healthy for Skin ·         Gets you rid of cold ·        

Satellites: Being made out of Wood

  Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have collaborated with Sumitomo Forestry company (400 years old) which is specialized in wood words – will create the wooden satellite by 2023. The researchers from the university said that the wooden satellite would burn up upon reentry in the atmosphere without leaving any chunk of debris or any harmful thing. Currently, there are 2800 defunct satellites encircling the earth, and there are 128 million pieces of debris in the orbit, in which 38,000 pieces of debris are more than 10cm in size, and when they collide it creates 1000’s tiny particles which may travel up to 20000 mph. This debris floating in the orbit can cause high damage to the working satellites and are highly harmful to the astronauts.

Treasure found at Venezuelan shore, man turns out to be blessed

  It was going to be an astonishing joyful moment for the Fishermen’s living at Guaca’s coast at Venezuelan shore as the morning began with astonishing thing as no one expected that they would something rare. A fishermen named Yolman Lares was walking back to the house and he suddenly saw unbelievable and couldn’t believe it. Swaying his hand in the sand he picked up the gold chain. His body began to shiver and he started to cry in joy as it became great day for him. But as soon as the word spread throughout the village 2000 people gathered around the beach to find out the precious jewelry and stones and even the fishermen’s sleeping on the boat woke up in hurry. Everyone began to dig the soil as they could also become lucky. In the September month many villagers have also found gold, rings, silver ornament and precious stones and many had sold the discoveries at a price of $1500. "Could a stormed had destroyed the pirates treasure? or Its someone's lost treasure washed aw

Space: Starship Explodes Into Pieces on Wednesday.

  The 160-foot-tall starship of SpaceX busted into big mighty flames at Texas on Wednesday as it touched altitude of 41000 feet before returning back to the Launchpad. The starship was approaching the ground at a faster rate than expected causing it burst into  flames and bombarded into pieces which destroyed the test vehicle. However, during the decent it changed its position from horizontal to vertical before landing making it a great achievement for SpaceX. The futuristic starship was built for a complete 2 stage reuse Elon musk said, as represents the future rocket that will carry humans to the moon and Mars.

Dr. Br Ambedkar

  The day 6th December marks the death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar known as the Chief Architect of Indian Constitution, Jurist, and a Buddhist revivalist, and every year this day is being celebrated as Mahaparinirvana diwas. The word Mahaparinivana diwas refers to ultimate Nirvana (meaning eternal happiness and peace) after death, regarded as one of the major principles of Buddhism. As he owned the status of a Buddhist leader we cite his death anniversary as Mahaparinirvana Diwas. He was born in 1891 in an Untouchable cast known as Mahar, and though from that time throughout his life, since childhood, he fought against the untouchability. In the year 1912, Ambedkar received his first degree in political science and economics from Bombay University after which he got a job in Baroda and then he decided to move to the US. Afterward, in 1916 he received a doctorate from Columbia University and according to him, it was the first place where he experienced social equality. He also

This Is How Do Ocean Waves Form And Why They Are Continuous?

Normal ocean waves result from the frictional drag of wind on the surface of the water. The waves you observe at a given beach may originate thousands of kilometres away,whereas tsunami waves are caused by displacement of the crust caused by an earthquake. Waves have a crest and a trough, the distance between crests being known as the wavelength. Waves travel in groups called a wave train. Waves are not all moving at the same speed. When one wave catches up to another you can end up with an even higher wave. This is called constructive interference.  Ocean waves can travel hundreds of kilometres before they reach the land. The distance of water over which the wind has blown is called the fetch. A long fetch will result in big waves and big waves carry with them a tremendous amount of energy. Storms create destructive waves thus a lot of erosion takes place during storms,Even on calm days it is possible to get big waves as these ones have been generated in a storm somewhere else some ti