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What is L♥ve?

Love  is something that, which is too hard to define in words but it has different definitions for everyone it depends upon for different people whom u like. For some, it can be attraction, affection, caring or maybe it can be romantic. For others love is utterly unconditional and it truly exists between couples, brother-sister, friends, or family members.  It  is feeling for someone who arises from the inner core of the heart. It is some kind of chemistry that makes you feel moment happy. Some people experience this at first sight when they see each other and begin to like them. Ya phir yu khu to yeh ek sweet poison hai.                                               or LOve is a bond of trust between someone.                                               or Yeh Ek moh Maya h. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF loVe ? FOR U, TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS

The Day At Botanical Garden

I kicked off my day at 5:00 am after suddenly waking up from an appalling scary ghost dream, which gave me goosebumps. It was like I was lost in the dream and if I was standing big and vast ancient graveyard and gazed at a cadaver dangling from the tree and a lot of blood was spluttering from his body, upon seeing it I ran as fast I could away from it but abruptly fell upon a coffin and woke up with a huge shriek. I was getting late for the cardio workout, hurriedly got ready and took the bicycle out to reach the Botanical garden. In between the picturesque view of the landscape was incredible, as the sun was peeking up from behind the mountain. But a cold chilling and pricking flurry was blowing as if it was wintertime, so I took my camera out and the clicked beautiful stunning view and recapitulated my journey. The way to the garden was 10kms more to cycle making too hard to cycle more as muscles of the leg were paining, somehow I reached the garden within 20mins. There were a lo