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The Joy Of Rain, An Mesmerising Experience Ever I had

One day in the morning while I was sleeping deeply and within few minutes ominous clouds covered the sky, chilling high winds blew and sweet, pleasant odor of sand started coming, soon there was sand blowing everywhere. The windows and doors started banging. Within the moment the rain, storm, lightning, and thunder rumbled into the sky, and suddenly from somewhere a drop of rain fell upon my head and it was immensely cold like ice water. I don’t know from where does it came from, for a moment I thought the raindrop could have come from the cracks in which were present in the wall or through the window along with the wind. Although it was a time for joy and happiness as rain & winds brought the mercury down, there was a relief from humid humiliating temperature and there upon when I stepped into in the showering rain, it was the coolest feeling ever I had experienced. To be continued......