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Astronomers Discover a Rare Galaxy located at 9.3 Billion Light Years Away

A team of international astronomers led by scientists at IUCAA (Inter University for Astronomy and Astrophysics) discovered a galaxy which is located 9.8 billion years located away from earth. The Astronomers were from Switzerland, India, Japan, Netherlands and Us used Astrosat satellite which India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength telescope and it was launched on PSLV-XL on 28th September, and it was used to detect light emanating from the galaxy which is a part of AUDFs01- galaxies. The discovery was led by Professor Dr.Kanak Saha and associate professor at IUCAA and the paper has been published on Monday by Nature Astronomy. While the galaxy was discovered back in 2016 and it the observation lasted 28 hours but it took almost 2 years to diligently analyze and study the complete data of the Galaxy they had detected. In a statement issued by IUCAA explained that after the Big Bang, the Universe was a hot soup of particles (i.e., protons, neutrons, and electrons). As the u

Gandhiji's iconic spectacles sold for £2,60,000

A pair of gold-rimmed spectacles said to be worn by Mahatma Gandhi were sold at East Bristol Auctions for £2,60,000(over 2.5crore rupees). The Auction staff said that that they received the glasses in their letterbox by the man who claimed that it was originally gifted to his uncle by Gandhi himself. They sold the iconic spectacles to an American collector within 6 minutes of bidding the Auction. The spectacles were passed from generation to generation within the seller’s family after his uncle received it as a gift in the 1920s in South Africa when his uncle was working in with British Petroleum, BBC reported. Gandhiji was known for gifting his items to people in need or who helped them in some way. The auction has estimated that the glass would sell about £15000 but it finally sold out 20 times the original estimated price which marked Auction’s biggest sale ever they had done in history.

Most Beautiful Astonishing Patterns That Can be Seen in Mother Nature

1.Spots on Giraffe The spots (patches) made on the giraffe are for camouflage and behind each single patch there are branch of blood vessels. 2.Wing of a butterfly. Butterflies  represents some of the most prominent color that are found in nature.  3.Water Droplets on a leaf The tiny fascinating rain drops or the  moisture dew scattered on the leaf creates a remarkable image before or eyes. 4.Mollusk shell The mollusk shells are perfect examples of an printed design. So the shell uses a organ called mantle to create it, and within the mantle secretory cells which produce pigment needed for the design.

Why wood is brown in colour?

Most of the time generally when we see wood it appears to be brown due to the photons absorbed by them which are brown in color. While the color of wood is determined by its chemical makeup and its quantum mechanical interaction with light(photons). In fact it is made up of carbon chains with hydrogen and some other elements like nitrogen, oxygen, and trace minerals. So when there  is a war going on between trees and their parasites, including fungi, bacteria, isects etc. Therefore the trees rely mostly on chemical warfare, by lacing their cells with chemicals that deter the parasites and some of these chemicals are of neutral color and the resulting wood appears pale and colorless, but some are of striking color and this is what produces the colorful streaks that follow the grain.

Ever thought or wondered why does the perfume spread in air too fast?

It happens because when we release the perfume into the air, diffusion occurs. Being a compressed chemical, once we spray it, it turns into a gas and the molecules get mixed with the air particles, and this tendency to occupy any volume or space available to them is called diffusion. As a result, when the molecules are loosely packed, they are free to hasten in every direction, which makes them permeate the nearby surrounding along with the air. So don’t have to use our hands to spread the fragrance everywhere, including our body. Hence it gets blended on its own. Thereupon when we spray the perfume the fragrance spreads faster.