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WWF Living Planet Report 2020 is Literally Very Shocking

Existing Wildlife on the Earth Facing Soaring Threat Due To Decrease in Population By 68% Since 1970 T he WWF (World Wildlife Fund} Living Planet 2020 has released a report on Wednesday, founded that the world's wildlife inhabitants have been shrunk by 68% between the years 1970- 2016. The report also included that 75%of the world’s glaciers have been massively affected and 85% of the existing wetlands on the earth have been depleted.  The activities which have hugely contributed to the ecosystem loss in the past several decades are increased agriculture, mega constructions, urbanization, depletion of forests for various products, trophy hunting’s taking place, land degradation and a massive part of the ocean has been overfished. While the tropical sub-regions Latin America has been highly exploited by 94%(highest in the world than any other country) according to the Living Planet Index 2020. Globally the affected continents and countries which have faced biodiversity los

Massive 5km Meteorite Crater Found in Western Australia: Its more than 100 million years old

The massive 100 million years old was found by an local mining which was in search drilling the gold. T he massive crater was founded using electromagnetic surveys by an  local mining company which was in  he search of drilling gold.  It's thought to be 100million year old has a diameter of 5 km in length and its exactly located in the Goldfields mining town, north west side of the Kalgoorlie border.The recently discovered crater is said to be one of the unique and the biggest in the world. The geophysicist  geologist, Dr Mayor stated that the crater was important to find and it was unexpected."Furthermore added that it was found in the area where the landscape is flat and you could not spot it there because enormous crater has been filled up over the geological time . The has earth has been hit up by many and many more meteoroids and asteroids in the past that no could ever think.If  scientists will study the upcoming and the recent findings , they will get answe

Japanese company Skydrive successfully test its piloted flying vehicle

The company Skydrive said on Saturday that it has completed the flight test using “the first manned testing machine” named SD-03, an electrical vertical takeoff and landing machine(eVTOL) and they had received funding from various investors including the Development Bank of Japan. The flying vehicle comprises of one seat, and 8 operating motors and two propellers at each corner. It lifted about 3 meters in the air and flew for 4 minutes operated by the pilot; and in future it will fly at a speed of 40mph in a single recharge the company stated. Five years ago there were various prototypes and designs of flying vehicles but this one (SD-03) is lighter and perfect in design as compared with other ones, the chief executive of Skydrive said. Analysts said that the flying cars global market is estimated to reach $1.4 trillion to $2.9trillion by 2040. Skydrive plans to sell the two seated vehicle SD-03 by 2023 for the price of  $300,000 to $500,000.

Fishermans In a Hurry to Save the Dolphins after 40 Animals were Found Dead Due to Oil Spill in the Coral reef

On Sunday, many injured dolphins were washed ashore on the Mauritius beach and as many as 40 animals were found dead in lagoon near a big oil spill done by Japanese bulk carrier which polluted the coral reef. Apparently on that day fishermen’s took out their boats in the water and started banging on their boats   to drive away the animals from the coast, so many of them could be saved   as they would return back to the sea. If it would not have been those would die too like other animals in coral reef, a fisherman stated.