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Treasure found at Venezuelan shore, man turns out to be blessed

  It was going to be an astonishing joyful moment for the Fishermen’s living at Guaca’s coast at Venezuelan shore as the morning began with astonishing thing as no one expected that they would something rare. A fishermen named Yolman Lares was walking back to the house and he suddenly saw unbelievable and couldn’t believe it. Swaying his hand in the sand he picked up the gold chain. His body began to shiver and he started to cry in joy as it became great day for him. But as soon as the word spread throughout the village 2000 people gathered around the beach to find out the precious jewelry and stones and even the fishermen’s sleeping on the boat woke up in hurry. Everyone began to dig the soil as they could also become lucky. In the September month many villagers have also found gold, rings, silver ornament and precious stones and many had sold the discoveries at a price of $1500. "Could a stormed had destroyed the pirates treasure? or Its someone's lost treasure washed aw

Space: Starship Explodes Into Pieces on Wednesday.

  The 160-foot-tall starship of SpaceX busted into big mighty flames at Texas on Wednesday as it touched altitude of 41000 feet before returning back to the Launchpad. The starship was approaching the ground at a faster rate than expected causing it burst into  flames and bombarded into pieces which destroyed the test vehicle. However, during the decent it changed its position from horizontal to vertical before landing making it a great achievement for SpaceX. The futuristic starship was built for a complete 2 stage reuse Elon musk said, as represents the future rocket that will carry humans to the moon and Mars.

Massive 5km Meteorite Crater Found in Western Australia: Its more than 100 million years old

The massive 100 million years old was found by an local mining which was in search drilling the gold. T he massive crater was founded using electromagnetic surveys by an  local mining company which was in  he search of drilling gold.  It's thought to be 100million year old has a diameter of 5 km in length and its exactly located in the Goldfields mining town, north west side of the Kalgoorlie border.The recently discovered crater is said to be one of the unique and the biggest in the world. The geophysicist  geologist, Dr Mayor stated that the crater was important to find and it was unexpected."Furthermore added that it was found in the area where the landscape is flat and you could not spot it there because enormous crater has been filled up over the geological time . The has earth has been hit up by many and many more meteoroids and asteroids in the past that no could ever think.If  scientists will study the upcoming and the recent findings , they will get answe

Japanese company Skydrive successfully test its piloted flying vehicle

The company Skydrive said on Saturday that it has completed the flight test using “the first manned testing machine” named SD-03, an electrical vertical takeoff and landing machine(eVTOL) and they had received funding from various investors including the Development Bank of Japan. The flying vehicle comprises of one seat, and 8 operating motors and two propellers at each corner. It lifted about 3 meters in the air and flew for 4 minutes operated by the pilot; and in future it will fly at a speed of 40mph in a single recharge the company stated. Five years ago there were various prototypes and designs of flying vehicles but this one (SD-03) is lighter and perfect in design as compared with other ones, the chief executive of Skydrive said. Analysts said that the flying cars global market is estimated to reach $1.4 trillion to $2.9trillion by 2040. Skydrive plans to sell the two seated vehicle SD-03 by 2023 for the price of  $300,000 to $500,000.

Fishermans In a Hurry to Save the Dolphins after 40 Animals were Found Dead Due to Oil Spill in the Coral reef

On Sunday, many injured dolphins were washed ashore on the Mauritius beach and as many as 40 animals were found dead in lagoon near a big oil spill done by Japanese bulk carrier which polluted the coral reef. Apparently on that day fishermen’s took out their boats in the water and started banging on their boats   to drive away the animals from the coast, so many of them could be saved   as they would return back to the sea. If it would not have been those would die too like other animals in coral reef, a fisherman stated.

Astronomers Discover a Rare Galaxy located at 9.3 Billion Light Years Away

A team of international astronomers led by scientists at IUCAA (Inter University for Astronomy and Astrophysics) discovered a galaxy which is located 9.8 billion years located away from earth. The Astronomers were from Switzerland, India, Japan, Netherlands and Us used Astrosat satellite which India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength telescope and it was launched on PSLV-XL on 28th September, and it was used to detect light emanating from the galaxy which is a part of AUDFs01- galaxies. The discovery was led by Professor Dr.Kanak Saha and associate professor at IUCAA and the paper has been published on Monday by Nature Astronomy. While the galaxy was discovered back in 2016 and it the observation lasted 28 hours but it took almost 2 years to diligently analyze and study the complete data of the Galaxy they had detected. In a statement issued by IUCAA explained that after the Big Bang, the Universe was a hot soup of particles (i.e., protons, neutrons, and electrons). As the u

Gandhiji's iconic spectacles sold for £2,60,000

A pair of gold-rimmed spectacles said to be worn by Mahatma Gandhi were sold at East Bristol Auctions for £2,60,000(over 2.5crore rupees). The Auction staff said that that they received the glasses in their letterbox by the man who claimed that it was originally gifted to his uncle by Gandhi himself. They sold the iconic spectacles to an American collector within 6 minutes of bidding the Auction. The spectacles were passed from generation to generation within the seller’s family after his uncle received it as a gift in the 1920s in South Africa when his uncle was working in with British Petroleum, BBC reported. Gandhiji was known for gifting his items to people in need or who helped them in some way. The auction has estimated that the glass would sell about £15000 but it finally sold out 20 times the original estimated price which marked Auction’s biggest sale ever they had done in history.

Don't Miss The Rare Chance To Spot The Comet Neowise In July, It Wont be Visible For Next 6800yrs

The Comet C/2020 or "Neowise", is seen in the sky over Ballintoy, Britain July 8, 2020, in this picture taken from a social media. Picture taken was on July 8, 2020. (NIGHTSKYHUNTER.COM via REUTERS) All through July, Indians and the rest of the hemisphere of the globe will be able to spot the comet, comet C/2020 F3, also referred to as NEOWISE, within the sky. Discovered earlier this year, the comet is currently nearly 200 million kilometers from Earth and is bright enough to be seen within the clear dawn sky. However, after around 12-15 July, up until sometime in August, it'll be visible in the dark . Though the comet is bright enough to be seen with the eye , in places without clear skies, a pair of basic binoculars are going to be necessary. NEOWISE after being discovered by NASA’s Near-Earth Asteroid Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer telescope on March 27 this year. The comet made its closest approach to the sun on July 3, 2020, passing at about 43